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Fishingurus.com has a remarkable line of bucktails that will hold up to the toughest of fish, if used with the right technique. Our goal is to bring, in store and online, for any angler’s accessibility, high quality, cutting edge lures, at remarkable prices. Bucktails were efficiently used in catching the striped bass for many years, and they still are, that’s why many anglers prefer this type of lure when going bass fishing, instead of any other. Bucktails have many advantages that kept them on the top of any fisherman’s list of tackle box “must-haves”. Being made out of lead, gives them enough weight to be cast at very good distance. They can also be used for fishing different depths; depending on how much time you let them sink before you start the retrieve. Having only one hook, bucktails are easier to handle when you want to release the catch. There are many types of bucktails for sale on fishingurus.com. They come dressed in all sorts of ways, or you can experiment new things by purchasing different components. You can use them plain, with a curly tail, attached to a pork rind, or you can use feathers to replace the bucktail. The options are endless. The more you play with them, the more fun you’ll have. Plus, the results in using this lure will amaze you!

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