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Ground Bait

Ground Bait

Groundbait is the perfect attractor for most fish. A well placed ball or two of the right groundbait can increase your chances of fish being attracted and drawn straight to your hookbait.

 Play A Good Ground Game

Ground baits are made of a mixture of several ingredients, which are moistened and transformed in to a paste. There's plenty of home recipes and a ton of different ingredients to choose from. Depending on the ingredients used and the level of moisture in them, ground baits can break apart faster and create a cloud of feeding particles or they can sink to the bottom and slowly release these particles. If your in a river situation, we would want it to be very sticky so that there is a nice, long scent trail for the fish to follow.

FishinGurus.com carries many different types of groundbait, all made with different ingredients for different situations faced by Anglers. If you have any questions related to groundbaits or how to use them, you can contact us via email, phone or check out our forum. Along with our great service we offer competitive prices on all our products.

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