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Flavors & Attractants

Flavors & Attractants

Like humans, carp are dependent upon their senses when it comes to food. Carp can smell, taste and see the food that they plan to eat, which is why we have so many flavors.

Keep It Tasteful

In addition to their keen sense of smell, carp have an excellent sense of taste. The lining of their mouths have chemically sensitive cells that help it determine if the food is good or bad. Carp also have taste buds on their barbules, pectoral and pelvic fins, underneath their head and along the length of their body which allows it to more accurately pinpoint sources of food. The best items are those that either emit favorable smells or contain ingredients which mimic their natural food. Most popular flavors tend to be fruity and sweet like strawberry, fruity peach, juicy tutti frutti and pineapple, just to name a few. Once you've added the right amount of attractants your ready to fish!


Many of the successful attractants give off a very strong food signal to big carp. By including these additives in to your bait, it’s possible to boost the attraction to the point where some carp simply can't resist eating them. In some cases, if the bait has been introduced to a venue properly, the carp may even seek out that specific bait just from its food signal. No matter what flavor you decide to use as a base, only include a small amount of the effective ingredients so that you don't "over do it"!. If too much is added and the concentrations are too high it may have the reverse effect and repel the fish away.

The Same But Different

Here at FishinGurus.com we carry a few different styles of attractants each having their own level of concentration for a particular purpose. If your favorite mix needs a little flavor then our premium flavors are a perfect addition for you. If your using boilies, then you'll want to regenerate the scent with our dip and glug. When you want to reload your hookbait give it a small shot of our heavily concentrated flavor spray.

FishinGurus.com sells a variety of flavors, flavor sprays and dip and glug, for all types of carp baits. All our products come from well-known brands and are high-end, top quality and all at competitive prices.


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